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Standley Feed and Seed is proud to provide Purina Mills Feed.  For more than one hundred years, Purina Mills has been the leader in the area of animal science and nutrition.

As a leader in horse research and equine feed development, Purina knows that different horses, different lifestyles and different circumstances call for different feeds. So whether you’re feeding an elite equine athlete, or a geriatric horse, or you need an all-round formula like Strategy for an entire herd, Purina makes a horse feed formula just right for you.

Looking to save money on your horse feed?  Learn more about the Purina Difference Program and how to receive quarterly coupons on your horse feed.








Impact All Stages 14% Pelleted Horse Feed

Simplify your feeding program for all your horses with Impact All Stages 14% Pelleted Horse Feed. Formulated with premium nutrition and ...

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Horse Bloom Senior

Jupe Horse Bloom Senior is a fully fortified, pelleted feed. No additional supplements are needed when fed as directed. Feed ...

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Wendlands One ‘N Only

ONE ‘N ONLY is a patented feed which was developed and formulated to serve as a Free Choice Complete Horse ...

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Horse Bloom Complete

Jupe Horse Bloom 14 is designed to be fed to Performance and Show Horses being worked/trained at a moderate work ...

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Horse Bloom 12%

Jupe Horse Bloom 12 is designed to be fed to Active Pleasure Horses being worked/trained at a moderate workload.

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SafeChoice Perform Horse Feed

SafeChoice Perform is the controlled starch formula for hard workers and hard-keepers. It has the balance of highly digestible energy ...

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SafeChoice Original Horse Feed

Nutritionally balanced for growing and mature horses alike, SafeChoice Original helps make feeding a wide range of horses more convenient – ...

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Purina Equine Senior Active Healthy Edge Horse Feed

Today’s horses are living longer lives, and the lifestyle of an active, aging horse requires special care and proper ...

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Purina Equine Senior Horse Feed

As horses reach their geriatric years, it becomes important to address the changes that occur by adjusting feeding programs to ...

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Purina Omolene 200 Horse Feed

For performance, breeding and growing horses. . . Purina Omolene #200 Horse Feed contains the Purina Amplify Nugget, a patented, high-fat, extruded particle t ...

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Purina Strategy Professional Formula GX Horse Feed

In 1991, Strategy Professional Formula GX horse feed revolutionized horse nutrition by becoming the first commercial pelleted feed created for horses o ...

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Purina Strategy Healthy Edge Horse Feed

Purina Strategy Healthy Edge horse feed is a high-fat, nutritionally balanced, controlled starch and sugar diet with enhanced great taste r ...

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