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Deer Health and Nutrition Tips during Antler Growth Season

So much of what we do in the care and feeding of deer passes relatively unnoticed in the short term. ...

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Win a Guided Hunt Worth $5000

How would you like win a $5k Guided Hunt complements of Standley Feed? Stop by our store September 1st – 20th a ...

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Customer Appreciation Day at Franklin Pridgeon Center

Join us on Friday, September 21st at the Pridgeon Center in Franklin for our Customer Appreciation day celebration! The celebration b ...

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Standley Feed Is Your Hunting Supply Store

Standley Feed and Seed is your local hunting supply store. Skip the big box stores and shop locally with us f ...

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2018 – 2019 Hunting Season Dates

Texas Parks & Wildlife released the 2018 – 2019 Hunting Season dates. Check them out below. You can find more information on their ...

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Body Condition Score for Deer

Body condition scoring can be a useful tool to monitor the health and condition of your deer. Maintaining optimal body ...

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Fall Food Plot Mixes At Standley Feed

Pick up your fall food plot seed blends at Standley Feed. We carry food plot seed blends from Pennington Rackmaster.   ...

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Deer Corn is here!

Deer season is just around the corner and Standley Feed and Seed carries 50 lb. bags of  whole deer corn for j ...

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Deer Season Hunting Forecast

Standley Feed and Seed shares the deer season hunting forecast from Texas Parks & Wildlife.

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10% Off All Deer Blocks

All Deer blocks are on sale at Standley Feed and Seed this week.

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