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Paul’s Garden Blog: Spring Garden Prep

It’s difficult to think about spring gardening with the recent “cold spell”, but now is the time to start ...

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Paul’s Garden Blog: Holiday Plant Care

This December, Paul offers tips on the types of plants to help decorate with this season and holiday plant care. ...

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Fall Vegetable Gardens

Summer lawn care tips and advice on when to start your fall vegetable garden.

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June Gardening Tips in Texas

If you’re not enjoying the fruits of your labor in your June garden or flower bed, you should be ...

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Tropical Plants for Summer

Go tropical! With all the recent rains, heat and humidity, tropical plants can bring warm season colors and beautiful foliage ...

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Rain and Gardens. Feast or Famine

Paul offers great tips on large amounts of rainfall and garden issues...

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May Planting Season in Texas

Vegetable planting season is in full swing. Many varieties of tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers, and herbs are available at our ...

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Fertilizer and Pest Tips – April Gardening

Now is the time to focus on fertilizer and preventing pests in your lawn and garden. Paul, our garden expert, o ...

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Early Spring Planting Tips for Texas

Paul’s Garden Blog March 2017: Early Spring Planting Hopefully by the time you get a chance to read this, your g ...

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Trees, Cool Season Vegetable & Spring Garden Preparations

Trees Pecan trees, fruit trees, and shade trees as well as blueberries, berry vines and grape vines are now available a ...

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