Create a Cozy Backyard With a Chimenea

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Stretch out the summer nights and add a stylish focal point to your garden or patio with a chimenea starting at just $88. Chimeneas are a great way to put a fire on in your back garden without the risk. The traditional and rustic design adds a decorative touch and creates a great atmosphere.

As the summer nights invite you to spend more time outside, you can do so without leaving the comfort of your home. But as the cool evenings set in, keep warm and cozy outdoors with one of our fantastic chimeneas. With a wide choice available, there’s sure to be one that suits your style and your garden.

While this Mexican inspired fireplace is used to decorate many outdoor rooms today, it has an old history and deep roots that go back to the 16th or 17th century. In small Mexican villages, chefs used them as cooking stoves and families would gather around them for warmth. Typically a chimenea is made of clay and constructed so that the bottom looks like a wide-bottom vase that has a narrow chimney where the smoke comes out. At the side, there is a wide opening for the fire pit. This design makes it possible to use this in the rain because it doesn’t extinguish the fire.

Chimneas | Standley Feed

Chimeneas | Standley Feed

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