Liquid Fertilizer

Standley Feed and Seed carries a new liquid fertilizer called Liquid 32 or 32-0-0 Liquid form. This fertilizer is currently at our Normangee Store and is available to be spread with a terragator.  We can service from any of our locations in Normangee, Iola and Madisonville.

This fertilizer is composed of about 50% Urea and 50%  Ammonium Nitrate.  The UAN 32% Solution is available in Ammoniac, Nitrate and Urea. One-fourth is Ammoniac, one-fourth is Nitrate and one-half is Urea. It weights 11.08 lbs. per gallon and has a pH of approximately 7 and has a negligible vapor pressure. Each gallon contains 3.55 lbs of Nitrogen. This solution can also be called Uran, Solution 32 and 32% Solution.

UAN 32% can be used on just about all crops. It is widely used for side dressing cotton, vegetables, corn, beets and other crops. For more information please call us at (936) 396-6641.

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