Trapp Candles: Flameless Fragrance

Find the Trapp Candles Flameless Fragrance at Standley Feed & Seed

Standley Feed proudly stocks Trapp Candles.  At Trapp, it’s all about the fragrance. That’s why we guarantee every product will fill a room with fragrance within minutes, or we’ll replace it…even a votive.

065551-121950-64304_04-OrangeVanillaKit_WhiteBG-02_tThe Flameless Fragrance collection includes Diffuser Kits and Refills, Home Fragrance Mists, and Home Fragrance Melts.

The Diffuser Kit includes 4.5 ounces of diffuser fluid in an elegant vase with a glass topper. They include 2 sets of 12 reeds. Diffuser kits are $32.00 each. Diffuser refill includes approximately 4 ounces of fluid that lasts about 45 days, along with 2 sets of 12 reeds. Diffuser refills are $25.00 each.124842-62613-copy_t


The Home Fragrance Mist is a 2.5-ounce fragrance mist that instantly fills your room with fragrance. It comes in a brushed aluminum spray bottle and is travel-friendly. Home Fragrance Mist are $9.00




The Home Fragrance Melt is a 2.6-ounce melt with 30+ hours of fragrance. Home Fragrance melts are $7.50 each.



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