Make Your House Hummingbird Friendly

Hummingbird2_CatePhotoHummingbird Feeder Placement

When it comes to finding the sweet spot in your yard, terrace, or garden to place your hummingbird feeders this season, consider these tips and tricks!

Location, Location, Location!

Place hummingbird feeders 15 to 20 feet from windows; 10 to 15 feet from the nearest cover, like shrubs or bushes; and in an open area that receives partial sun, so that hummingbirds can move from nectar source to nectar source.

Flowers That Attract Hummingbirds

Stop and Smell the Roses! Actually, forget the roses… hummers aren’t the biggest fans.

Because they have a very poor sense of smell, hummingbirds prefer flowering plants that do not have a strong fragrance. Plant trumpet-shaped flowers that are red, orange, or pink in color. Strategically select flowers and plants that have a varied blooming time, so that hummingbirds will continue to visit your hummingbird garden. Some great flowers include: azaleas, fuchsia, gladiolas, petunias, impatiens, morning glories, columbines, and select varieties of honeysuckle, to name a few.

Hummingbirds Like It Clean

Most importantly, don’t forget a clean environment is crucial to a hummingbird’s health and well-being. Clean feeders every two days in the hot summer months, and less often in cooler temperatures.

Appropriate hummingbird feeder location and cleanliness are essential to keeping the dainty and divine flying jewels coming back for more!


For more tips like these, check out Perky-Pet’s website here.

Source: Perky-Pet


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