Evolved Habitats Deer Cane Black Magic Rack Rock Deer Attractant

Evolved Habitats Deer Cane Black Magic Rack Rock Deer Attractant is a 100% all-natural mineral rock supplement and powerful attractant that provides the four essential minerals – Calcium, Phosphorous, Magnesium, and Sodium – and other trace minerals vital to assist in bone and antler growth, muscle development, digestion and reproduction.



We had to travel to Himalayan Salt Mines to find an area that had all the key minerals in the ground that could be mined out into rock chunks for superior natural rack development assistance and attraction, and we located what we now call the Deer Cane Black Magic RACK ROCK™!


Provide this Rock on a free choice basis to Deer and other big game species to supplement their natural diet. Feed Black Magic Rack Rock™ with native forage and water available.



Place one of these rocks out and make sure you have a camera on it, because this rock is a One Stop Shop for vital minerals and attractants that can draw whitetail in from all over the county. The Rack Rock™ will prove to be one of the most effective and efficient ways to provide all the necessary mineral nutrition that deer lack and crave in their daily diet. The Deer Cane Black Magic Rack Rock™…BRINGS THE RACK!

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