Bulk Deer Plot and Mixes

Bulk Deer Plot

Standley Feed Bulk Deer Plot and Mixes

Standley Feed and Seed offers wildlife mixes and bulk planting options. The mixes we carry have been proven effective in our area. Stop in today to get your land ready for deer season.

We offer the following mixes in 50lb bags:

BWI Fall Mix– Wheat, Oats, Rye, Rape, Austrian Winter Peas and Crimson Clover. (100lb per acre)

Trophy Magnet- Wheat, Austrian Winter Peas, Clover, Arrowleaf Clover, Oats, Turnips, Triticale, barley. (50 lb per acre)

Best Buck East Texas Blend– Wheat, Oats, Elbon Rye, Tam 90 Rye, Austrian Winter Peas and Apache Clover. (100lb per acre)

Seed Oats– (100lb per acre)


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