Trees, Cool Season Vegetable & Spring Garden Preparations

fruit trees

Pecan trees, fruit trees, and shade trees as well as blueberries, berry vines and grape vines are now available at our Garden Center. A multiple varieties of crape myrtle, redbud, three colors of flowering dogwood, bottlebrush, gardenia, wisteria, magnolia, spirea, weeping willow, Texas sage, three types of liriope and firepower nandina are also in stock.

Cool Weather Vegetables
Onions, potatoes and other cold tolerant vegetables are available at Standley Feed and Seed.

Planning Spring Garden
It’s time to start thinking about spring gardens and planning for what you might plant. Think about where in the garden you may want to plant your different vegetables. You might consider rotating the areas of different vegetables if you have planted a garden for several years. Have a soil test done to see if your garden is lacking in any essential nutrient, and to check the pH. The nutrients are most readily available when the pH range from 6.0-7.0.

Stop by Standley Feed & Seed’s Garden Center in Madisonville, TX for more tips on gardening and planting this season.


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