Standley Feed & Seed is committed to having quality products for all your livestock needs. We know that wormer is no different. We carry a great selection of Wormer for your Cattle and Equine needs.


Safe-Guard En Pro-Al Molasses Block

Safe-Guard Medicated Dewormer Block is an effective solution for controlling a spectrum of internal worms. This soft poured molasses block is ...

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Dectomax is a broad spectrum parasiticide used to control and eliminate a range of external and internal cattle worms and par ...

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Safe-Guard Oral Liquid Wormer

Safe-Guard Oral Liquid Wormer is the perfect product to remove and control a variety of parasites for your dairy or b ...

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Noromectin injections contain 1% ivermectin for your swine or cattle. One low volume dose is effective in controlling a range of p ...

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Ivomec Eprinex

Ivomec Eprinex pour on treats and controls roundworm, lungworms, lice, mites, and horn flies in dairy and beef cattle, including l ...

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Valbazen dewormer is one of the most effective dewormers on the market as a broad-spectrum dewormer for goats, cattle and ...

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Safe-Guard .5% Dewormer

Safe-Guard .5% Dewormer is an alfalfa based pellets for use in dairy and beef cattle and horses. A one day treatment, ...

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Protect your herd from horn flies, lice, and mites with Ivermax Cattle Pour-on. Heavy infestations can rob valuable nutrition when c ...

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Ivomec Pour On

Ivomec pour on delivers internal and external parasite control in one convenient low-volume application. Discovered and developed by scientists from M ...

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