Bulk Seeds

Standley Feed & Seed in Madisonville, TX carries a large variety of bulk seeds for your convenience. Stop in today to get your crop started this Spring!

We carry the following bulk seed:

Bed Detroit red
Beet Early Wonder
Broccoli Italian Green Sprouting
Cabbage- Early Jersey Wakefield
Cabbage- Early Flat Dutch
Carrot Red Chantenay
Carrot Danvers Long
Collards Georgia
Cucumber – pickling
Cucumber Poinsett 76
Cucumber Homemade Pickle
Cucumber Sweet Slice hybrid
Cantelope Ambrosie
Cantelope Scrumptious
Swiss Chard
Sweet Corn Ambrosia
Mustard Florida Broadleaf
Okra emerald green velvet
Okra Burgundy
Okra Cowhorn
Peas Sugar Snap
Peas Little Marvel
Peas Mississippi Silver
Peas Wando
Radish cherry bell
Radish long scarlet
Radish Sparkler white tip
Radish White Icicle
Squash Summer Crookneck
Squash Zuccinni
Squash Straightneck
Turnip Purple Top White Globe
Spinach Noble Giant
Spinach Hybrid No 7
Squash Butternut
Squash white bush scallop
Watermelon Crimson Sweet
Jubilee beans
Black Diamond beans
Charleston Gray beans
Willhite tendergold beans
Beans Golden Wax beans
Blue Lake Bush beans
Contender Beans
Lima Beans
Pinto Beans
Blackeye Peas
Big Boy Peas
Early Scarlet Purple Hull Peas
Cream 40
Elite cream
Beans Roma II
Corn yellow Dent
Corn g90
Improved Pinto Beans
Red Seed Potatoes
White and Yukon Gold Seed potatoes
Onion Sets 1015
Sweet Red Onions
Georgia Sweet Onions
Texas Sweet Onions


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