Control Weeds & Brush with Herbicides

Herbicides | Standley FeedStandley Feed has all of your herbicides and pesticides available for your crop farming needs. It’s that time of year and May will be the time to start spraying herbicides. Standley Feed also provides spraying services that will eliminate those hard to kill weeds and brush. Contact us today and schedule a spraying service.

If you are looking for safer options compared to other products on the market, we have DuPont Prevathon and DuPont Prevathon Insecticide. These control all armyworms and grasshoppers for up to 3 weeks and no grazing restrictions. 

We have selective herbicides that control specific weed species while leaving the desired crop relatively unharmed. For example, Dow AgroSciences Sendero Herbicide is good for mesquite and honey locust control. Dimilin 2L Insecticide controls grasshoppers at their nymph stage. 

Below are the herbicides we have available for spraying. 

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