Fall Vegetable Gardens

Fall Vegetable GardensFall Vegetable Gardens

It’s time to start thinking about those fall vegetable gardens! Depending on the type of vegetable you want to have in the fall depends on days of maturity to harvest and “usual” or average first frost date (November 28th for this area). Most of the vegetables we tend to plant in the spring require 2-3 months before harvest if planted from seed. This time frame can be shortened if transplants are used. Even with the hot, dry weather we see in the summer, plants will survive as long as adequate watering is provided to each and every transplant. Provide light watering each day for the first 2 weeks for root establishment. At the end of the first week, start fertilizing with a water soluble or slow release fertilizer.

Ideas to consider:

  1. Which flowering plants seem to do well in your neighborhood in the heat of summer?
  2. Deadhead, fertilize and water flower beds.
  3. Plant flowers in a container to add a new dimension to your landscapes.
  4. Mulch flowerbeds and container-grown plants to reduce water loss.
  5. Drip irrigation systems should be run longer than sprinkler irrigation to adequately water your vegetable garden or flower bed.
  6. This is usually the peak month for water use for lawns and landscapes. Watch carefully—the plants will tell you if they need a “drink”.
  7. Continue to control the fire ants with mound treatments. As temperatures continue to climb, ants forage less, which can reduce the effectiveness of baits.

Come by Standley Feed and Seed’s Garden Center for any questions you may have.

Hope to see you soon!



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