Weed Control & Fertilizers in Texas

weed control in texas

Weed control in Texas is a hot topic this season as well as choosing the right fertilizer for your lawn. Our Garden Center experts are standing by at our locations ready to help you choose the right products for your lawn or garden.  Standley Feed and Seed is proud to offer great products we stand behind. These products are specifically chosen to meet the needs of this area. Stop by our garden centers to speak with an expert today.

Need a special fertilizer? We have you covered. Keep your garden, plants and trees up to par with the perfect fertilizer. Standley Feed and Seed offers 50lb bag fertilizers such as 13-13-13, 15-5-10 and 10-20-10, as well as specialized fertilizers for fruit and citrus trees, azaleas, pecan trees and tomatoes. We also carry organic Miracle Gro, Regular Miracle Gro and Baccto gardening and potting soils.



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