Fruit Trees Arrive

Fruit Trees are here at Standley Feed and Seed in Madisonville, TX. We carry a HUGE variety of trees ready to be planted! Need advice? We have onsite experts in our Garden Center ready to help you with any questions you may have.

We carry a large selection of trees listed below:

fruit treesShade and Accent Trees:

Bald Cypress
Flowering Crabapple
Dogwood- Red, Pink and White
Maple- Red
Mulberry (Fruitless)
Oak- Burr, Live and Shumard Red Oak
Red Bud

Fruit Trees:

Blackberries: Natchez Thornless
Blueberries: Climax, Premier & Tiff Blue
Muscadine Grapes: Carlos & Cowart
Apple: Gala, Granny Smith & Molly Delicious
Peach: Rio Grande, June Gold, Red Skin, Loring
Pear: Moonglow, Orient, Perdue
Pecan: Caddo, Choctaw, Desirable, Kanza, Jackson, & Stuart
Persimmon: Eureka & Fry
Plum: Methley & Santa Rose
Pomegranate: Wonderful

Trees Arrive late January

Bottle Brush
Bridal Wreath Spriea
Cottonless Cottonwood
Crape Myrtle Dynamite
Crape Myrtle Pink Velor
Crape Myrtle Twilight
Dogwood White
Dogwood Pink
Gardenia Frost Proof
Gardenia August Beauty
Japanese Boxwood
Liriope Big Blue
Liriope Mondo
Liriope Dwarf Mondo
Loblobby Pine
Magnolia Tree
Nandia Dwarf
Red Maple Dwarf Jap
Redbud Texas White
Texas Sage
Texas Sage Green
Weeping Willow

We have everything you need to grow these beautiful trees in our garden center including feed, tools and knowledge from our Garden expert. Hurry in for the best selection! These fruit trees go fast!


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