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Standley Feed and Seed is your local hunting supply store. Skip the big box stores and shop locally with us for the top brands of hunting gear and supplies. Find the essential supplies in stock such as deer corn,  attractants, tree stands, deer feeders, deer blinds, Purina Antlermax and much more.

Start preparing for the season now by picking up your license & taking hunter education classes; clean and repair your equipment; check the lease and property and more. If your equipment has been set aside for some time, take it out and clean it. Check the sight and scope of your rifle. Clean and check your deer feeders and blinds. We stock replacement batteries, charge controllers, solar panels and more. Make sure you don’t show up to hunt with a dead feeder!

Top 3 Essential Hunting Supplies and Gear

  • Treestands or Blinds are used to elevate a hunter and provide a better view and vantage point. These are usually enclosed platforms that are attached to trees to secure them.
  • Food Plots and Deer Attractants are minerals and supplements that are a great way to keep deer returning to your hunting grounds.
  • Game and Trail Cameras are used for game surveillance by hunters.

Stop by one of our Standley Feed locations, your local hunting supply store and stock up on all your favorite hunting gear. Have a question? Our on-site hunters are ready to help you out. Stop by today. 


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