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Liming pastures is a great way of helping pastures become more productive. According to, there are many parts of North America that have acidic (low pH) soils which need liming. It’s crucial to use lime with these types of acidic soils. In order to grow a healthy pasture, the soil pH must be between 5.8 to 7 within the top 6 to 8 inches of the soil. If the pH is off, then the nutrients will not help grow the pasture. 

The mistake many makes is to over-fertilize the soil. This actually makes the soil even more acidic, not to mention the potential to pollute the runoff of water. However, if you use agriculture lime correctly, it can actually help the effects of your fertilizer. Also, you can apply lime any time of year, unlike fertilizers. When fertilizers are applied at the wrong time, it can be disastrous.

Without a healthy pasture, your livestock will suffer and your costs for supplemental feeds will rise. 

If you need help evaluating how much lime to apply, contact Standley Feed and we can assist you with liming your pasture. We have all the liming supplies you need from spreaders to limes by the bag. 



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