One & Done Game Feeders

One & Done Game FeedersStandley Feed and Seed is pleased to offer One & Done Game Feeders, the most versatile feeder on the market.

The One & Done game feeder is a versatile, all-terrain, feeder used year round in any condition. Durable and reliable, this directional game feeder is all-welded, made of 16-guage steel, and is predator proof, including hog and bear resistant.

This feeder includes a specially designed high torque 3,000 RPM 12-vot motor. The large, bottom compartment can hold up to 2 more batteries. The motor is easily removed from the bracket for changing or storage until next season. All working parts are internal, protected and water-resistant. The feeder includes a heavy duty, double locking latch.

The One & Done game feeder has a capacity of 250 lbs. of corn.  Corn is dropped on the spinner at a set rate, allowing for an accurate throw, and calculation on how long feed will last. The corn is tossed in a V-shaped pattern up to 40 feet out and 50 feet wide.

Use this game feeder as a deer feeder or a fish feeder. Use it on a tripod, placed directly on the ground, hang it on a tree, or position it on a dock near the water’s edge. As a fish feeder, it reaches out 25 feet into your pond and 40 feet wide.  Tree bracket included with feeder purchase.

Find the One & Done game feeder at Standley Feed & Seed in Madisonville, Texas.



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