Purina Chicken Feed

Standley Feed & Seed carries everything you need to raise a healthy flock including feed, scratch and grain for your chicks and game birds as well as other feeds to help support specific areas of chicken development. Purina Start & Grow feed is for young chicks to get off to a good start while Oyster Shell, Poultry Grit and Chick Grit are products formulated to promote healthy digestion and eggshell integrity. We also carry the full line of Layena Chicken Feed. Take care of your flock so they will take care of you. Come by Standley Feed and Seed at one of our locations for all your chick needs or give us a call at  (936) 348-2235.

Start & Grow
Optimum nutrition for raising laying chicks from hatch to laying age (18-20 weeks). This complete feed with 18% – protein and quality nutrients is perfect for a strong start and early hen development.

Oyster Shell
Helps support egg shell integrity by providing extra calcium in free-range conditions or when scratch grains or table scraps comprise a major portion of the diet. High in calcium.

Poultry Grit
Helps support healthy digestion in adult chickens, turkeys and game birds. Crushed granite.

Chick Grit
Helps support healthy digestion in chicks, young turkeys and game birds. Crushed granite sized for chicks.



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