Purina Sup-R-Lix Liquid Supplements

Oct ’14Nov

Our featured item of the week for October 27- November 1, 2014 is Purina Sup-R-Lix Liquid Supplements.

PurinaAccurationTubPurina Sup-R-Lix Liquid Supplements are balanced liquid supplements for beef cattle on pasture with Intake Modifying Technology to manage consumption. A range of products with different levels of modifiers are available to match pasture management, animal condition and  manager goals.

This ration contains 5% fat for high energy and is available regionally with protein levels from 16% to 32% and with different Intake Modifying Technology levels to manage intake.
We recommend our custom bulk rations for 45 day back grounding and for heifer development. Please call Jason at 936-348-2235 for additional details to develop a strategy to fit your operation.


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