Rackmaster Food Plot Seed Mix

Pick up your Rackmaster Food Plot Seed at Standley Feed and Seed. We carry food plot seed blends Pennington Rackmaster, including Feeding Frenzy, Texas Complete and Texas Twist blends.

Rackmaster Feeding Frenzy – A seed mixture designed to germinate quickly, grow fast and hold whitetails around your food plot for the entire hunting season. A combination of tender small grains, winter hardy rye, brassicas, sweet winter peas and re-seeding high protein clovers are specifically formulated in the correct percentages to ensure that deer can utilize each plot at its maximum potential.

Rackmaster Texas Complete  – contains a custom mix of smalls grains, legumes, and brassicas. These fall mixes are regionally developed to provide the best plantings your money can buy for your area.

Rackmaster Texas Twist  – A custom mix of brassicas and legumes that provides an abundant amount of protein rich forage for deer, turkey and other wildlife. Rackmaster Texas Twist makes an ideal food plot that will germinate quickly to provide immediate high protein food supplies to fill the nutritional gaps found in nature.

Cool season plots are important to help your deer herd build up the carbohydrates needed as stored fat to survive the harsh winter months. Maintaining good body condition through the rut and the winter stress season will mean the difference in your overall management program.


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