Rain and Gardens. Feast or Famine

rain and gardens

Rain and Gardens. Is it feast or famine?

Here in Texas rainfall cycles are considered to be a feast or famine occurrence of Mother Nature. With the rainfall we received in May, it could prove to be both feast- if your garden is well drained, or famine- if it holds water.

Problems in your garden to be aware of include:

  • Blossom-end rot in tomatoes, squash, and melons.
  • Black spot on roses and other landscape plants.
  • Slugs and other types of insects.

If replanting is necessary because your vegetables have “drowned”, look for plants that have short maturity times (50-70 days) and those that are more heat tolerant. It is going to get hot one of these days and we will be wishing for some of this rain we are getting now!

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