Texas Waterfowl Season Kicks off October 31

Young Ducks Predicted This Season

For the Texas waterfowl season, our waterfowl program leader, Kevin Kraai, says, “Texas duck hunters will have the most opportunity for a fruitful season when hunting in East Texas and along the coast. Be mobile, as conditions will vary throughout the state.”

Reports from breeding grounds in the Dakotas tell us duck production was excellent this summer. This is especially good news, because hunters usually have more success when flocks include a lot of inexperienced young ducks.

Regular duck season opens 10/31 in the High Plains Mallard Management Unit, 11/7 in the South Zone, and on 11/14 in the North Zone.

General goose season opens 11/7 in the East Zone and 11/14 in the West Zone. Reports from Canada suggest that the Arctic goose hatch was poor this past summer, so juvenile snow geese will be in short supply for that declining overall population. Small Canada geese will likely be abundant in the Panhandle.

Find out more in the full waterfowl forecast.

What You Need to Know

Bag limits vary by species, so be sure and check the Outdoor Annual for all your waterfowl regulation information.

What you need to hunt waterfowl:

Your license can now be accessed digitally with the Outdoor Annual app or the My Texas Hunt Harvest app, or your emailed license receipt can be used to hunt waterfowl.

Ducks You’ll Find in Texas:

The Lone Star State has both year-round duck residents, as well as migrant visitors that winter here. All wild species of ducks are considered migratory game birds and are protected by state and federal laws.

Find out more about puddle and diving ducks in the video, Ducks.

Tips to Get You Home Safe and Sound:

Waterfowl hunts take place in locations that are often cold, wet, remote and dark. They come with unique risks that you must recognize and prepare for to avoid tragedy.

Prepare for your hunt by looking over our list of 7 safety tips and techniques just for waterfowlers. If you use a boat while hunting, use the risk assessment tool to help decrease those risks you can control. Let’s get everyone home safe and sound.

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Article source: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department


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