Trapp Seasonal Candles

150553-LIFESTYLE_FiresidePumpkin_1200x1200 FBTrapp Seasonal Candles have arrived at Standley Feed and Seed. If you’re looking for a new, cozy fall fragrance for your home, swing by Standley and browse our collection of Trapp Seasonal Candles and Fragrance Melts, or visit them online here.  The Season Collection includes fragrances like Holiday, Orange Clove, White Fir, Sugar Cookie, Hearth, Golden Cypress, Fireside Pumpkin. Standley Feed is your one stop shop for the perfect scent to spice up the holiday atmosphere in your house!

At Trapp Candles,  it’s all about the fragrance. They guarantee every product will fill a room with fragrance within minutes. Trapp is set apart by its unmatched fragrance quantity and its mission to use only the highest quality fragrances. Their diverse line of candles, room sprays and reed diffusers are designed to excite one’s senses and suit every occasion.

Have any questions about Trapp Seasonal Candles we carry? Give us a call at (936) 348-2235, or contact us here.


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