Tropical Plants for Summer

Tropical PlantsTropical Plants for Summer

Go tropical! With all the recent rains, heat and humidity, tropical plants can bring warm season colors (red, orange, yellow) and beautiful foliage into your plantings or containers.

Many tropicals planted will be annuals due to low winter temperatures. However, tropicals planted in moveable containers can be brought into your garage or greenhouse during freezing temperatures.

Here are just a few tropical plant suggestions to get you started:

Bougainvillea                                         Bird of Paradise

                  Coral Vine                                               Canna

                  Mandevilla                                             Elephant Ears

                  Lantana                                                   Esperanza

                  Wandering Jew                                     Hibiscus

                  Verbena                                                   Oleander

All of these listed above are usually hardy to 32 degrees.

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Hope to see you soon!



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