Wooden Dog House

wooden dog houseDo you have outdoor dogs? It’s time for a new dog house! Winter is coming soon and it’s time to get them some protection against the cold. Standley Feed & Seed carries a selection of wooden dog houses, great for keeping your dog warm this season.

Here are some winter tips for your pet:
  • If the weather gets too cold, keep your pets inside. Just like people, pets’ cold tolerance can vary from pet to pet based on their coat, body fat, activity level, and health.
  • The age of your pet can depend also on the amount of time spend it the cold they can handle, such as very old or young animals. As the temperatures drop, be aware of your pet’s tolerance for cold weather and adjust accordingly.
  • Long-haired or thick-coated dogs tend to be more cold-tolerant but are still at risk in cold weather. Short-haired pets feel the cold faster because they have less protection, and short-legged pets may become cold faster because their bellies and bodies are more likely to come into contact with the cold ground.
  • Make sure to have proper shelter and protection from the elements this winter and invest a good insulated dog house.
  • Add bedding, blankets or dog beds to make sure your dog is warm when the temperatures drop.

Stop in and get your dog  ready for winter at Standley Feed & Seed.


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