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It’s Spring – Ready Set Ride – Spring Horses

Katie Young Ph.D. – Senior Nutritionist & Product Manager, Equine Technical Solutions Now that the weather is warming up, horse owners ...

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10 Daily Tips for Your Show Cattle

When you want to be successful at sports, you don’t just show up for games and expect to win. ...

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Purina Impact Hay Stretcher Horse Feed

WHEN GOOD FORAGE IS HARD TO FIND When hay quality is inconsistent, your horse’s nutrition doesn’t have to ...

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Liming Pastures for Healthy Livestock

Liming pastures is a great way of helping pastures become more productive. According to, there are many parts of ...

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Nutrena Triumph Horse Feed

Nutrena Triumph Horse Feed is available at your local Standley Feed and Seed. We have many formulas available to fit y ...

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Purina Strategy Horse Feeds Product Updates

New Purina Strategy Horse Feeds Product Updates Customers that use Purina Strategy Professional Formula GX and Purina Strategy Healthy Edge ...

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Sleazy Sleepwear for Horses

Standley Feed and Seed has Sleazy Sleepwear to help keep your horse's mane tame.

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Teaching A Horse To Put a Blanket Over His Head

Standley Feed and Seed shares an article on putting a blanket on a horse.

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We have Horse Blankets!

Standley Feed and Seed has horse blankets in a variety of colors and sizes.

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Horse Q&A: Amount and Type of Feed

Am I feeding enough of the right type of feed? Since most people feed by the “scoop” rather than by ...

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