Evolved Habitats Pig Out Wild Beast Bait

Pig Out Wild Beast BaitPig Out is a wild beast bait developed to attract and keep wild hogs in the area so that trappers and hunters could find them.



Just pour it out and wild hogs will rush in to pig out on this gooey treat. Once mixed into the wallow, hogs will keep coming to root out the irresistible flavors. Pour over grain or use it straight, it will keep them coming back!


Pour PigOut Straight into Active Hog Wallows: If you cannot find an active wallow, dig a hole in a wallow, pour it full of PigOut, then watch out! Because in a day or two, you’ll have a very active wallow. When creating a new wallow, pick mud holes that are near water sources.

Pour PigOut over Corn or Grain: PigOut can be mixed into buckets of grain or dumped over the top of bait piles to draw hogs to your bait site quickly. We recommend mixing 1/4 of this jug with 25 lbs of grain. Next, make narrow deep holes in your wallows and fill with mixture. When creating a new wallow, pick mud holes that are near water sources.

Use PigOut in Traps: First, dribble a little PigOut or PigOut covered grain through the doorway of your trap. Next, place PigOut in the back of the trap in a pan and they will come a rootin’.

Bear: If you live in bear country, watch out, this PigOut is dangerous stuff! Bear just love fruit, berries and molasses, so they will really come after PigOut. You can use this product to top other bait or old bread in your bait station to create a treat will keep bear coming back, trying to find more.

Deer, Elk and Moose: PigOut attracts Deer, Elk and Moose. To really pull them in, mix PigOut with grain and then broadcast the grain over a 20’ x 20’ area to make them take their time eating.

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