Pennington Seed Rackmaster Refuge

Pennington Seed Rackmaster RefugeRackmaster® Refuge is a fall and spring planted seed mixture of annual greens, perennial clover and chicory. This mix is designed to provide an abundant high protein diet for deer, turkey, and other wildlife.



Refuge mixture is an easy to plant mixture that will thrive on most any soil type for years to come. Refuge makes an ideal food plot that will germinate quickly to provide immediate high protein food supplies to fill the nutritional gaps found in nature. With fast germination and immediate forage production, your plots will start feeding wildlife days after germination and continue feeding throughout the fall, winter, spring and summer months because of the staggered growth habits of the different plants in this mixture. 


Planting Date: Sept. - Oct. and Feb. - Apr.
Rate: 20 lbs./acre or 1/2 lb./1000 sq.ft.
Depth: 1/8" maximum 

Best For: Deer, Turkey, Rabbit and Quail

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