Evolved Habitats Roasted Corn Freaks Mix Deer Attractant

Evolved Habitats Roasted Corn Freaks Mix Deer AttractantThe innovative powder attractant contains twice the protein and triple the fat of regular ole corn. Our mix of whole kernel corn, soybeans and proprietary ingredients produces an aroma deer simply can’t resist.



Everyone knows that corn is a widely used attractant for deer . Evolved Habitats brings you an innovative attractant with a more intense corn aroma, 2X’s the protein and 3X’s the fat than plain ole’ corn.


Once you have selected your site, remove all vegetation from the chosen site area approximately 4 feet in diameter. Once the ground is cleared, rake the soil to loosen and make a slight depression in the site so that it will hold some rainfall, making runoff less likely. Spread the entire contents of the bag over the site area. Do not cover the minerals. If you want immediate deer action on the site, wet down the site with a gallon of water after applying.


We have combined whole kernel corn, soybeans and other proprietary ingredients to produce an aroma and taste that deer can’t pass up. Roasted Corn Freaks™ has it all! Draw the freaks into the daylight and into your hunting area with this unique supercharged corn attractant.



Deer instinctively want to conceal themselves from predators; therefore we recommend finding a shaded area on the edge of a deer crossing where deer normally conceal themselves.

Choose a site at least 10 feet off of a normally active deer trail. Keep in mind that heavier clay type soils will hold the minerals for a longer period of time, whereas the sandier soils tend to let the minerals leach out a little sooner. When possible make supplemental sites near an available water source.

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