Tecomate Root King Radish

Tecomate Root King RadishTecomate Root King Radish has recently emerged as both an important forage plant for deer and an unparalleled soil-builder. 



  • Great Soil-Builder
  • Produces Leafy Forage & Soil-Busting Bulb
  • Aerates Soil & Increases Production
  • Extremely High Yield
  • Plant Alone or Mix w/Other Cultivars


Its extremely long taproot fractures and aerates the soil, resulting in better water absorption, increased organic matter and greater root penetration.  Best of all, ROOT KING RADISH draws deer in all season with its edible leafy tops and long carrot-like taproots packed with key nutrients.


 A great standalone or excellent addition to any cool-season food plot.  When mixing with other plot seeds, we recommend 2-4 pounds of ROOT KING RADISH.


Content: Annual Premium Daikon Radish


Planting Time:

  • North: Aug 1 - Sept 15
  • Mid-America: Aug 15 - Oct 1
  • South: Sept 1 - Oct 15
  • Coastal South: Sept 15 - Nov 1

Seeding Rate: 5 lbs. Plants 1/2 Acre

Planting Depth: 1/8 - 1/4 inch


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