Whitetail Institute Imperial No-Plow

Whitetail Institute Imperial No-PlowSometimes, the best spots for food plots can be the toughest places to maneuver heavy equipment. If you can get there by 4-wheeler or foot and the area gets 3 to 4 hours of sunlight a day, Imperial No-Plow can give you a hardy, fast-growing crop of highly nutritious and attractive forage.



  • Includes specially selected cereal grains, annual clovers, brassica, radish and lettuce
  • Highly attractive annual forage specifically designed for areas hard to access with farming equipment (logging roads, remote clearings, etc.)
  • Can be planted either in a fully prepared seedbed, or with minimal ground preparation sufficient to establish good seed-to-soil contact
  • EXTREMELY drought and cold tolerant
  • Establishes quickly and grows rapidly
  • Tolerates as little as only 3-4 hours of broken or filtered sunlight a day


No-Plow is a high-protein annual that can provide up to 9 months of attraction and nutrition for optimal deer growth and antler development -- and preparation can be done with as little as hand tools.


  1. Seeds must make contact with the soil.
  2. Do not plant in high weeds or grasses or where no sunlight can penetrate. No-Plow needs a minimum of 3-4 hours of broken, filtered, or direct sunlight a day. Old logging roads, fire lanes, small clearings in the woods, fence lines, power lines, and gas lines are ideal choices.
  3. Cut grass and/or weeds as low as possible, or spray existing vegetation with an herbicide (i.e., Roundup) to rid the area of weeds and grasses. Follow the herbicide label directions and wait the required number of days before seeding. Clear debris to expose soil.
  4. If possible, rough up the area with a rake or other tool.
  5. Use 75-100 lbs of fertilizer per 10,000 square feet (100ft x 100ft) or 300-400 lbs of fertilizer per acre. 13-13-13 fertilizer or equivalent is good.
  6. Spread seeds at approximately 4-6 pounds per 10,000 square feet or 16-25 pounds per acre.

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