Boss Buck Protein Feeder

At Standley Seed and Feed, we have a great selection of Boss Buck 200# All-In Series Feeders. This maintenance-free patented Hopper design gives you the flexibility to gravity feed protein in the Spring & Summer and converts over to an automatic feeding system in the Fall and Winter months.

The custom designed head features a 10° angle, and a 1″ overhang on the 4″ I.D. feed ports. Each feed port has a drain hole to disperse any water that enters the tip of the feed port. Feeder ports are 34″ from the ground. The patented design features an internal cone that dispenses the feed evenly to the three ports. The 3-Way inner sleeve allows the user to control the feed flow of almost all feed shapes and sizes. Push it all the way up to virtually shut off the flow, or ease it down until you get the optimal flow on your favorite type of critter food.

The double walled hatch lid tops this unit off in style, and function. It allows the hopper system to breathe thus eliminating condensation while achieving ambient temperature faster than Steel or Fiberglass feeders. These feeders are great for remote location feeding where access is limited to ATV’s and foot access only. Deploy the Boss Buck 200 feeders in those out of the way honey holes for excellent results.

Have any questions about Boss Buck Protein Feeder? Shoot us an email or give us a call at (936) 348-2235. Visit us today at Standley Feed and Seed in Madisonville for your hunting products.