Wild Delight Bird Feeds

Do you have a caged bird?  Or perhaps you enjoy feeding the wild birds in your yard.  Either way, Standley Feed and Seed has supplies and feed for all types of birds.

We carry top quality bird seed from Wild Delight and Mr. Bird Seed.

Looking for bird houses, feeders or baths? We have them.  Interested in a Purple Martin House?  We have them.  Hummingbird feeders?  We have that as well, along with the hummingbird nectar.

Don’t forget the squirrels and owls, we offer houses for them too!  And treats, yes we have squirrel treats!

Looking for bulk peanuts, we have them as well.  Keep the birds and critters in your yard happy, come see us at Standley Feed and Seed in Madisonville, Texas.