Purina Start and Grow

Purina Start and Grow Chick Feed www.standleyfeed.com #standleyfeed.comChick Days are here and Standley Feed and Seed can start your chicks off right with Purina Start and Grow Poultry Feed.

Start and Grow Poultry feed provides hens with optimum nutrition for raising laying chicks from hatch to laying age. This complete feed with 18% protein and quality nutrients is perfect for a strong start to an early hen development.

Purina Start & Grow Poultry Feed is made from natural plant-based ingredients FREE of all animal proteins and fats, it contains all the quality nutrients necessary to produce strong, healthy, beautifully colored birds. This recipe takes “natural” to a whole new level by using only the freshest, highest quality sun-grown grains and plant proteins to give birds the wholesome, healthy goodness and fresh taste they deserve. Contains amprolium to aid in developing immunity to coccidiosis, a common digestive ailment in young chicks, caused by an intestinal parasite. This nutrient-rich ration is perfect for raising laying chicks from hatch to laying age (18-20 weeks).

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