Hulled Bermuda Grass

Standley Feed and Seed is proud to provide our customers with quality products. That’s why this spring we’re stocking our shelves with Hulled Bermuda Grass. Bermuda Grass is a warm season sodding, creeping, perennial grass. Long lived and spread by seed, runners, and underground rhizomes. It contains 1-4 inch leaves and can reach heights of 18 inches in pasture situations. After the first frost Bermuda grass will go dormant until spring. Bermuda grass pastures are typically over seeded with ryegrasses to provide a green color and grazing through cool months.

Hulled Seeds are seeds that have had part of their protective coating mechanically removed. This speeds up the germination process making it more likely for all seeds to germinate at the same time. Hulled seeds are the most common type of Bermuda Grass planted as people appreciate the fast germination.

Generally a 50 lb bag of Bermuda grass will plant 3-10 acres depending on the type of seed.

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