Hi-Yield Turf & Ornamental Weed & Grass Stopper

Fall Pre-emmergentNow is the time to start thinking about fall pre-emergent herbicides. Pre-emergent herbicides should be applied in the spring and fall because that is when it works best. Apply pre-emergent herbicides before the seed starts to germinate. The seeds aren’t necessarily sprouting in any specific month of the year since they depend on  air and soil temperature, moisture and sunlight. When these conditions are met, the seed will sprout.

Pre-emergent herbicides are available in both all-natural and synthetic forms. The all-natural alternative is corn gluten meal. It is available in both powder and granulated. The powder activates faster but is messier to apply. The granulated is slower to activate but is considerably less of a mess. And as always read and follow the label directions.

Standley Feed and Seed offers 35 pound bags of Hi-Yield Turf and Ornamental Weed and Grass Stopper.

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